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Three College Girls Share Cock In A Dorm

See, the funny thing about being in college is that girls are not afraid to try anything at all these days! Even when it comes to licking pussy and sharing a cock! It should come as no surprise that the folks over at Collegerools.com have put together a crazy college update for you today.

collegerools girls share cock

Let me break this all down for you here so you know what happened. For starters, these three girls got completely naked and decide to take some pictures playing with each other. I know, it doesn’t sound exciting but it gets much better!

From there on out, the girls ended up licking each others pussies until they were absolutely soaking wet. This only led to them wanting some dick. So, before you know it, they were sucking some college kids dick in their college dorm room. Crazy huh! Well, not that crazy. This type of thing happens all the time. The good news is that we have it all on film for you to enjoy. Check out the Collegerools video today and as a matter of fact, you can check out all the videos if you join the site.