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College Rules NC House Party Ends In Orgy

I’ve done my share of partying throughout my lifetime. Heck, I’ve spent more time in college drunk and having sex with girls than I did studying and attending class. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. I received a video submission from some students in North Carolina. They sent me footage of a party that they through. It might have been one of the most intense college bashes I’ve ever seen. You’ve got to see how this College Rules NC house party ends! I’m going to tell you all about right now to give you an idea of it.

college rules nc house party

The video starts off pretty tame with girls and guys just drinking and partying. You know, a typical house party that takes place during your college years. Well, this one blonde girl was at the party and she was pretty drunk. A couple of guys convinced her to come into the bedroom with them. They stripped her down completely naked and requested that she suck their cocks. Well, it wasn’t long until one of the guys went down on her to lick her pussy. One thing led to another and they were all fucking each other in the bedroom. I’ve never been to an NC house party let alone one where something like this takes place!

Anyway, they move the fucking to the shower because one of the guys shot a load of cum all over the girl. She needed to clean up if she wanted to get some more action. The blonde slut ends up on all fours getting her pussy pounded into the ground until she can’t take it anymore. It was a night that these college kids will never forget. Suffice to say, these guys think that college rulz for sure!

Download the entire video here today! <— Click It!