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College Dare Orgy

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When it comes to truth or fuck, who the fuck is going to pick a truth? These girls and guys want to get laid, not learn things about each other! They want to suck dick and fuck one another until the sun comes up and that is exactly what they are going to do! From girls gobbling down cocks to guys sticking their fingers in every single fuck hole you can imagine, these college students are really proving that collegerools when you are fucking everyone of your sexy friends! With cumshots and orgasms galore, who wouldn’t love a good game of truth or FUCK?

Hot College Coeds First College Rools Experience

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These two horny coeds are studying a very important subject; sex! They already know that collegerools because you can experiment all you want, but these girls want to know the nitty gritty of bumping and grinding, mostly with each other. They measure their toys and see how much their tight little pussies can handle, pumping different dildos in and out of one another all in the name of research! After all, how can you know how much cock you can take until you try it? While they study each other their hot blonde roommate gets her fuck on with a real cock, and boy does she learn a lot about the art of sex!