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College Truth or Dare Pic Captures It All

truth or dare pic
Well, it’s that time of the week again. You know, the one where I spend a bunch of time writing to you sharing all the wild college experiences that have been caught on video. This one is for certain one of the times that I can say that I love my job and a picture says a thousand words. One college student at a huge University in the midwest submitted this truth or dare pic to me before mailing the full video. I paid the student and immediately following, received the video to view. I don’t know about you but this tells me a lot about what goes on at this college. To simply describe it, I’d have to say  threesome sex. As you can see, it seems to be customary for hot skinny brunette to ride cock while blondes get their pussy licked. Oh, but that’s not where it stops. An audience was present and all these girls looked like they had a blast making the video. College rules dares are so fucking fun and this just proves how crazy students can be and why college dorm life is insane!  If you want to view the entire video – click here!

college rools