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Collegeruled, So I Filmed This Video To Prove It!


Collegeruled so much that I had to have proof of it all! My college life was really insane. There were so many young sluts just waiting to be taken! This video is no different and I just had to share it with you. Here you will see a bunch of sexy chicks servicing college boys! Three girls surround one guy, waiting in turn, to suck on his cock! One girl gives a guy a blowjob while her friend watches and masturbates. Everyone wants to go back to their college days, because college rools! Why not just sit back and enjoy, reminisce about the good old days when girls were all over you, always trying to have sex? College is definitely the best time and you can see that on collegerules. All of the girls just want to get fucked, and it’s so easy to lose track of time when enjoying yourself. Who actually studies in college anyway? The point is to enjoy your life, with the help of some attractive girls! Every college girl has a hidden slut tucked away, waiting to burst out and go crazy!

What This CollegeRools Video!

College House Party Turns Into Fuck Fest

I recently launched another one of my famous videos, but this one turned out to be something really special. It was filmed at a college house party and you won’t believe what happens when I share it with you. If you’ve ever attended a party, you know that things can sometimes get out of hand right? Of course, they can. I mean it can get really wild with the potential of turning into a fuck fest even!

college house party sex

There were a ton of students partying in a local students house while their parents were away. It was something out of the movie Neighbors if you’ve ever seen it. There was this one girl that really went above and beyond though making it a college party I’ll never forget. She decided to get completely naked and make a sex video. She was a beautiful brunette with the tastiest pussy I’ve ever tasted that was beyond tight! In fact, it might even be the best college roolz video that I’ve ever seen.

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