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College Lesbian Porn Party Tape Released!

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Ever party in college? Well, I did and I can say after attending this one, it was such a fun college lesbian porn party! As everyone (including myself) got more and more drunk, they all sat around a circle while two extremely cute girls decided to take body shots of tequila off of each other! One thing led to another though and that was just the beginning. Everyone was enjoying seeing the hot girls’ tits and asses – especially the guys and since there’s no shyness in college, everyone was perfectly comfortable with each other hooking up! These girls wanted to have some fun so they got the party started right away by taking off their clothes! Remember those good old days in college, when girls did stuff like that? College ruled back then right? How come parties like that don’t still happen more often? With a bunch of sexy girls just sitting around, waiting for something fun to happen, it was the perfect time and opportunity for lots of pussy licking and fucking! All of the girls just wanted to get laid, and it was my  pleasure to make that happen bakc in the day. If you’re ever in the Miami area, I’d suggest you check out some of the local colleges. You’ll have a great time (hint, hint).

College Lesbian Porn Videos

HD College Porn Convenient Store Video

Ever been out with a group of college students on a random night on the town? You never know what you’re going to end up getting into. For the most part, it could turn out to be something really exciting. In this college rools update, we bring you an awesome HD porn video of two college girls at the liquor store.

HD College Porn

They went to pick up some goodies for a party they were throwing in a dorm. Turns out that the adventure to the store was the most exciting part of the night. These two girls started flashing and filming themselves in hi-def flashing in the store. The guy at the counter wasn’t too happy about it and he wanted one of two thing. He either was going to call the cops or he wanted to fuck them both. It was a wild ride to say the least. There’s nothing better than college pussy. Well, I take that back. College pussy of two horny girls versus one is better! Click here to see the video! 

Collegerools Bag over Head Dorm Sex

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One look at all these bright young college girls gathered around a dick trying to see which one can make it cum first and it is apparent why people say that college rools! Whether they are blonde, brunette, skinny or athletic; they are all hungry for cock and love to play sex games. They don’t want too many rumors to spread around campus about how horny they are so they bring a guy in who is more than happy to wear a bag on his head so they can ravage his cock anonymously. He never knows who he’s fucking and he could care less.


Naughty Coeds Sharing Cock

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These sexy coeds want to play a childhood game but with a really dirty college twist. They are going to spin the bottle, to find out who has to fuck who! Everyone is nude and ready to go, the boys hard and the girls dripping with anticipation, as the bottle spins round and round. When it lands sucking and kissing and fucking ensues and everyone can’t help but touch themselves to the amazing sights before them in this interracial collegerools fuck o rama! Who needs alcohol when you can take cum shots straight out of the bottle?

Naughty College Girls Mooning

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How many cumshots can a horny college girl take? Lets find out! These sisters are ready to touch each other all over and even kiss a little to turn these boys on, and once the guys are hard they start to take cumshots like the pro sluts they are. They make sure collegerools by getting as much experience as possible, mostly with their fellow students anatomies! When you see how much cum these horny little sluts can guzzle you will be wishing you had had so much fun when you were in school!

College Dorm Fuck Fest

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The girls are hot and the cocks are hard, time to get Fuck Fest 2013 on the road! These girls are ready to fuck for the judges to prove they are the best of the best at fucking hard and fucking long! They strip down and start the contest, first with blow jobs then with a nice basic fuck and finally getting their three ways on, both with dicks and chicks. The judges will have a hard time picking a winner because all of these little sluts are proving that collegerools when you rock at fucking!

Sorority Girls Waiting for Cum

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To prove they are the naughiest house on campus these sorority sisters are ready to enter a deep throat contest that will name them the best of the best at sucking huge hard cocks. They want to prove that collegerools when your mouth is open wide and you are gargling with cock first thing in the morning so they create their first deep throating video for submission to the contest! These girls are all at a different level of deep, but there is no denying that they can all shove down a cock like a champ. One girl loves it so much she cums while deep throating her own dildo! And when the real cocks come out the heat only gets hotter!