Spin The Bottle Sex Video Filmed In Dorm

spin the bottle sex video

If you’ve partied in a college dorm room then you fully understand the type of things that can occur in a dorm room. For example, sometimes a simple game of spin the bottle can turn into a crazy sex game that makes it to the Internet. Yup, that’s exactly right! Here’s what happened. A few girls were hanging out in their dorm room and they ended up inviting some guys over to play a few fun games. One of those games was spin the bottle. If you’re not familiar with how this game is played, it’s rather simple. See, one person spins the bottle in the center of the circle. Who ever the bottle lands closest too, well, that person has to kiss the other. See, what these college students created was a more hardcore version of spin the bottle that involved sucking cock and fucking each other. That’s right! I said sucking and fucking! It’s not the first time that a group of students has done something like this before, but it was really awesome. It turned into an all out dorm fuck fest on campus. If you like watching college girls get fucked then I suggest you download this video.

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