College Rools Review

I haven’t provided my official review and given that I provide so many updates I figured it was only right for me to do so. I’m borderline an expert when it comes to college porn. I mean it, I’ve literally indulged in 10,000 hours of college porn and a large contributing factor is those from College Rools. That said, here’s my full in-depth review of the site and my interpretation of being a full premium member!

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My College Rools Website Review

If you’re into college parties and naked girls then you’ve come to the right place. It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll eventually end up on this site, but I figured it only made sense for me to share everything I know about the incredible College Rools site. I ended up joining as a full premium member over two years ago.

College girls are absolutely nuts. I never had the chance like others in college to get buck wild with all the sorority girls. Most college students act a fool and have the time of their lives. It likely has to do with being extremely fit and willing to do almost anything to get laid. The good news is, I’ve been able to secure 100+ videos from College Rools. The good news is that every single video that’s been made is the highest quality HD with all sorts of downloading options.

The Scenes

So, we all know that drunk college girls love to have fun right? The college girls filmed on this site are all about foreplay, party sex and some girl on girl action. Most of the scenes consist of some sort of party or dorm event that turns into a really incredible sex scene. In fact, some of them are the most absolutely incredible clips I’ve ever seen in my life.

Each scene consists of a super high-resolution photo set. In fact, there’s probably 100+ sets of photos. There are even screencaps that are included in each of these scenes.

Now some of these college girls have even blossomed into full-fledged porn stars.

The Site Navigation

Once I joined the site I was immediately able to download all the latest videos. College Rools is laid out so perfectly that each scene is easy to watch. I was able to watch the videos on my iPhone with no problems at all too. Even without the WiFi, it was flawless. That means the sites servers are super fast. You’ll see the most recent updates right when you log in. You may end up running into an advertisement or two but it could be worse. Most of the advertisements are discounts to join other sites.

Another awesome feature that I liked was that I was able to keep track of every single scene that I loved and I could rate or tag them as well.

Now, one thing I should mention is that the site doesn’t update as much as it used to but it’s probably one of the better college porn sites out there. Don’t take my advice though, join the site and let me know what you think.

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