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Spin The Bottle Sex Video Filmed In Dorm

spin the bottle sex video

If you’ve partied in a college dorm room then you fully understand the type of things that can occur in a dorm room. For example, sometimes a simple game of spin the bottle can turn into a crazy sex game that makes it to the Internet. Yup, that’s exactly right! Here’s what happened. A few girls were hanging out in their dorm room and they ended up inviting some guys over to play a few fun games. One of those games was spin the bottle. If you’re not familiar with how this game is played, it’s rather simple. See, one person spins the bottle in the center of the circle. Who ever the bottle lands closest too, well, that person has to kiss the other. See, what these college students created was a more hardcore version of spin the bottle that involved sucking cock and fucking each other. That’s right! I said sucking and fucking! It’s not the first time that a group of students has done something like this before, but it was really awesome. It turned into an all out dorm fuck fest on campus. If you like watching college girls get fucked then I suggest you download this video.

Perfect College Tits And Pussy Licked By Lesbian Student

Perfect College Tits and Pussy

When you’re in college you play games and that often means that playing with perfect college tits and licking pussy. This lesbian student had not problem doing just that either. What started out as an innocent game of poker soon quickly turned into strip poker, with everyone vying to take their clothes off! Eventually there were no more clothes left to take off, and two girls started going at it on top of the poker table. The blonde started fingering the brunette, and eventually got an anal plug and started fucking the brunette with it! It gave everyone at the poker game an amazing show, and no doubt they all started to fuck after the camera got turned off. College was the time when everyone was always drunk and horny and time super ready to just take their clothes off and have sex whenever, even if other people were watching. The more the merrier of course! College rools, it’s the best time of a person’s life, the when everybody wants to do nothing else but have sex! How badly do you wish you were back in college now?

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College Truth or Dare Pic Captures It All

truth or dare pic
Well, it’s that time of the week again. You know, the one where I spend a bunch of time writing to you sharing all the wild college experiences that have been caught on video. This one is for certain one of the times that I can say that I love my job and a picture says a thousand words. One college student at a huge University in the midwest submitted this truth or dare pic to me before mailing the full video. I paid the student and immediately following, received the video to view. I don’t know about you but this tells me a lot about what goes on at this college. To simply describe it, I’d have to say  threesome sex. As you can see, it seems to be customary for hot skinny brunette to ride cock while blondes get their pussy licked. Oh, but that’s not where it stops. An audience was present and all these girls looked like they had a blast making the video. College rules dares are so fucking fun and this just proves how crazy students can be and why college dorm life is insane!  If you want to view the entire video – click here!

college rools

College Girl Shakes Ass and Gets Fucked

College girls are absolutely crazy, especially if they have a chance to make some money. If you’re not familiar with collegerools, what we do is pay girls money to do seriously wild stuff. Students submite videos that get tend to get them some serious cash and we’ve received a number of submissions. Anything thing from college girls mooning to sorority party dares to college dorm orgies. There’s no limit when it comes to college rools!

college girls
In this video, we ended up getting a couple college girls together to put together an ass shaking video content. They were completely naked and shaking their booty all over the dorm. Once you see these college girls twerking and shaking, you’ll want more. That’s why we ended up getting one of the blonde girls to fuck this guy on video. Now, if you’re still not convinced, then I’d suggest reading my full review on this site. There’s a good chance that once you do you will likely want to join immediately.

College Girls Throw Wet T-Shirt Party

When you’re in college you’ve got an incredible amount of time on your hands. So much that most college girls have time to plan any type of party, especially a wet t-shirt party. Some drunk girls in one of the college rools dorms invited about 30 of her closest Facebook friends to come hang out in her dorm for the night. The students didn’t think anything of it until they got there and realized what was going on.

college rools party
College Rools Party Video Clip

The party turned out to be the dorms annual wet t-shirt contest and I’m telling you it was absolutely insane. you can only imagine what happens when you take 30 college students in a small dorm and get them drinking. That’s right, they start to fuck! Don’t take my word for it though, you can find out for yourself if you’d like. That’s because we have the college rools party on video! What, you didn’t think we would tell you about an awesome party and not have the video to show you did you? I didn’t think so! You’ll really enjoy this clip I think. In fact, there’s probably about 300 videos that we have of crazy college girls fucking on camera.