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College girls are absolutely crazy, especially if they have a chance to make some money. If you’re not familiar with collegerools, what we do is pay girls money to do seriously wild stuff. Students submite videos that get tend to get them some serious cash and we’ve received a number of submissions. Anything thing from college girls mooning to sorority party dares to college dorm orgies. There’s no limit when it comes to college rools!

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In this video, we ended up getting a couple college girls together to put together an ass shaking video content. They were completely naked and shaking their booty all over the dorm. Once you see these college girls twerking and shaking, you’ll want more. That’s why we ended up getting one of the blonde girls to fuck this guy on video. Now, if you’re still not convinced, then I’d suggest reading my full review on this site. There’s a good chance that once you do you will likely want to join immediately.

College Girl Shows Off Multitasking Dick Sucking Skills

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If there’s one skill that most girls learn in college, it’s the ability to multitask. This cute brunette could give a lesson on how to handle two cocks at once. She acts like shes in pure extasy as she gets her tight pussy drilled and enjoys a sucking on another guys cock. This isn’t all that uncommon based on what I know about most college experiences. I don’t know the exact details of how this started but I’m pretty certain it has something to do with some sorority sex pics that were sent to the girl. The two guys said that they would spread the pics like wild fire if she didn’t do the same to them. The only thing that she could do was either tell on them or fuck them. She chose to fuck. College girls are simply the best strategists!

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HD College Porn Convenient Store Video

Ever been out with a group of college students on a random night on the town? You never know what you’re going to end up getting into. For the most part, it could turn out to be something really exciting. In this college rools update, we bring you an awesome HD porn video of two college girls at the liquor store.

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They went to pick up some goodies for a party they were throwing in a dorm. Turns out that the adventure to the store was the most exciting part of the night. These two girls started flashing and filming themselves in hi-def flashing in the store. The guy at the counter wasn’t too happy about it and he wanted one of two thing. He either was going to call the cops or he wanted to fuck them both. It was a wild ride to say the least. There’s nothing better than college pussy. Well, I take that back. College pussy of two horny girls versus one is better! Click here to see the video! 

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Folks, I’ve got another fancy update for you college rools porn fans! This time, I’m showcasing a very cute black college girl that loves hooking up with white guys. Not only that, but she absolutely loves sucking big white dicks and this guy meets her requirements!

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I didn’t expect this black girl to be able to devour this guy’s huge cock. She showed off her skills and proved us all wrong. Here’s what happened…

She was spending a ton of time hanging out in this guy’s dorm room with a couple of her girlfriends. They all started talking about having sex and their skills in the sack. She claimed to be able to give the best blowjob ever and even claimed to be able to deep throat a huge cock. The girls at college rools didn’t believe her show she decided to just show them instead. Once they saw that their black girlfriend had a skill like no other they needed to catch it on video. It was the best day ever! I’m typically not use to a random girl like this showing off her skills. It’s normally a slutty sorority sister that does that on video.

College Girls Throw Wet T-Shirt Party

When you’re in college you’ve got an incredible amount of time on your hands. So much that most college girls have time to plan any type of party, especially a wet t-shirt party. Some drunk girls in one of the college rools dorms invited about 30 of her closest Facebook friends to come hang out in her dorm for the night. The students didn’t think anything of it until they got there and realized what was going on.

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College Rools Party Video Clip

The party turned out to be the dorms annual wet t-shirt contest and I’m telling you it was absolutely insane. you can only imagine what happens when you take 30 college students in a small dorm and get them drinking. That’s right, they start to fuck! Don’t take my word for it though, you can find out for yourself if you’d like. That’s because we have the college rools party on video! What, you didn’t think we would tell you about an awesome party and not have the video to show you did you? I didn’t think so! You’ll really enjoy this clip I think. In fact, there’s probably about 300 videos that we have of crazy college girls fucking on camera.

Collegerools Bag over Head Dorm Sex

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One look at all these bright young college girls gathered around a dick trying to see which one can make it cum first and it is apparent why people say that college rools! Whether they are blonde, brunette, skinny or athletic; they are all hungry for cock and love to play sex games. They don’t want too many rumors to spread around campus about how horny they are so they bring a guy in who is more than happy to wear a bag on his head so they can ravage his cock anonymously. He never knows who he’s fucking and he could care less.


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Between class and homework it’s hard to find time to enjoy your college experience, but these horny college girls are throwing a crazy sex games party where everyone can remember exactly why collegerools! They start out with naked twister, their young nude bodies touching in the most inappropriate of ways. Then they have a crazy pillow fight and while the feathers fly so do the rules and soon it is a free for all of grabbing tickling and most importantly fucking! Who wouldn’t love to play crazy sex games with these intensely hot college coeds?


A Wild Night in College Rools!

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Get ready for a wet and wild night. These college kids are drunk and ready to show the world exactly why college rools; crazy group sex in front of an entire party! These horny girls want to show exactly how slutty they are so they fuck one another in front of the boys, but before long a cock or two has to join in on the fun! They fuck and laugh and fuck some more as the entire room cheers them on, hoping that they will see a great cumshot to the face at this crazy party orgy!

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These dicks are ready to get some ass in the dorm room. Collegerools because you can walk down the hall and find some great ass to pound, and today they hit the jackpot with two extremely horny and drunk college girls ready to get their booty call on. They show off by kissing each other’s tits and showing off their nice asses, but once the boys are nice and hard they go full on fuck ready and start to suck and blow these hard college dicks, even giving them a nice titty bang before the final fucks!

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These horny girls are ready to play in this collegerools dorm room orgy! With over half dozen hot and horny college hotties ready to have finger banging fun how could you go wrong? They even invite one incredibly lucky cock into the picture to play with them, but they are mostly interested in sucking on one anothers clits and fucking each other around the cock, not always on it! Hands and tits and lips are everywhere in this all out fuck fest of a dorm room orgy!