Perfect College Tits And Pussy Licked By Lesbian Student

Perfect College Tits and Pussy

When you’re in college you play games and that often means that playing with perfect college tits and licking pussy. This lesbian student had not problem doing just that either. What started out as an innocent game of poker soon quickly turned into strip poker, with everyone vying to take their clothes off! Eventually there were no more clothes left to take off, and two girls started going at it on top of the poker table. The blonde started fingering the brunette, and eventually got an anal plug and started fucking the brunette with it! It gave everyone at the poker game an amazing show, and no doubt they all started to fuck after the camera got turned off. College was the time when everyone was always drunk and horny and time super ready to just take their clothes off and have sex whenever, even if other people were watching. The more the merrier of course! College rools, it’s the best time of a person’s life, the when everybody wants to do nothing else but have sex! How badly do you wish you were back in college now?

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Four College Sorority Girls Sharing A Cock

college sorority girls

In this video from a bunch of hot sorority girls, they decide to treat a special guy to their bodies. One of them worked on giving him probably the best blowjob he is ever going to get, while the others watched. Afterwards, one of them gave him a boob job – no doubt that made him harder than before! The girls egged each other on, waiting in turn to please this guy! College was honestly the best time, with sexy girls like this all over the place, just waiting to please. Apparently the girls all gave him the condition that they would have sex with him only if he stayed soft while they played with each other – he must have had a lot of self-control to be able to do that! College porn is really the best, and the college life ruled. See more on collegerules! There were all kinds of crazy opportunities like this one, just waiting around the corner to happen.

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Show Me Your Pussy In The Car On Video

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Two girls were in the car before class. One said to the other, “show me your pussy” and they other gladly did! In fact, they just decided to go at it in their car before class, just like that! College is really a crazy fun time, where girls go buck wild without any fear of repercussions. One very lucky guy got to witness the two hotties showing each others pussies and even getting all up in each other’s pussy. This type of activity is a common to see in sororities and at frat parties. Girls sexually pleasing each other for a guy’s delight is just how it is and it’s fucking awesome! Frat parties are the bomb, and so many cute girls are always there! In fact, it was such a tease for a guy to watch these two sexy college sluts, and no doubt many of the other guys in college have found themselves in threesomes after parties as well. Bottomline is this, collegerools! Where else can all this kind of “crazy sexy” stuff happen? Except in a place with no parental supervision, with girls straight out of high school or fresh into college? Young, legal, and free to do whatever they wanted with daddy’s money, these girls were perfect for the video and the video was better than you could ever imagine!

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College Lesbian Porn Party Tape Released!

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Ever party in college? Well, I did and I can say after attending this one, it was such a fun college lesbian porn party! As everyone (including myself) got more and more drunk, they all sat around a circle while two extremely cute girls decided to take body shots of tequila off of each other! One thing led to another though and that was just the beginning. Everyone was enjoying seeing the hot girls’ tits and asses – especially the guys and since there’s no shyness in college, everyone was perfectly comfortable with each other hooking up! These girls wanted to have some fun so they got the party started right away by taking off their clothes! Remember those good old days in college, when girls did stuff like that? College ruled back then right? How come parties like that don’t still happen more often? With a bunch of sexy girls just sitting around, waiting for something fun to happen, it was the perfect time and opportunity for lots of pussy licking and fucking! All of the girls just wanted to get laid, and it was my  pleasure to make that happen bakc in the day. If you’re ever in the Miami area, I’d suggest you check out some of the local colleges. You’ll have a great time (hint, hint).

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Blowjob Contest Dorm Room Video Leaked

blowjob contest video

In this week’s gallery video, a very cute blue eyed blonde gives an amazing show while sucking cock like her life depends on it during a blowjob contest. The contest took place in a local college dorm room. How she ended up in the contest, I have no idea and quite frankly I do not care one bit. All I care is that she’s actually sucking dick like a true champion and that I’ve got it on camera in this college rulez video. She touches herself over her cute little cheetah print panties. She even has her belly button pierced – she is so wild and young! As soon as the camera was turned off, it’s no doubt that she jumped on the lucky guy in this vid and started fucking him like crazy! The college days were so much fun; you never knew what kind of hijinks you would get yourself into every day. How every girl didn’t end up pregnant with all the sex they were having is a mystery! Fucking all the time was quite an exercise as well, and it kept everyone fit and happy. All the girls were more than willing to give bj’s at a blowjob contest, and it was so easy to get them naked and ready to go! College porn is the absolute best and college life rules more that anything. I’d suggest that you watch some more videos to find out all that a membership has to offer!

Collegeruled, So I Filmed This Video To Prove It!


Collegeruled so much that I had to have proof of it all! My college life was really insane. There were so many young sluts just waiting to be taken! This video is no different and I just had to share it with you. Here you will see a bunch of sexy chicks servicing college boys! Three girls surround one guy, waiting in turn, to suck on his cock! One girl gives a guy a blowjob while her friend watches and masturbates. Everyone wants to go back to their college days, because college rools! Why not just sit back and enjoy, reminisce about the good old days when girls were all over you, always trying to have sex? College is definitely the best time and you can see that on collegerules. All of the girls just want to get fucked, and it’s so easy to lose track of time when enjoying yourself. Who actually studies in college anyway? The point is to enjoy your life, with the help of some attractive girls! Every college girl has a hidden slut tucked away, waiting to burst out and go crazy!

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Naked White Girls In College Licking Pussy

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College can be a crazy time, and it is only made that much better when there are hot naked college coeds hanging around in your dorm room. They don’t just hang around, though. They get drunk and have a good time. Sometimes these crazy white girls even lick pussy. Don’t you miss your college days? Here you can see four girls that do absolutely wild – licking, sucking, using dildos on each other – as a bunch of your friends watch on. That’s just part of the crew. There are also a bunch of hot girls sitting on couches, waiting to be touched, kissed, and even fucked. It’s much better than your typical college porn. However, it does help that college porn is the best kind of porn! All the girls are young and sexy and 9 times out of 10 they’re are having the best time of their lives. Nothing beats drinking with really horny girls that are waiting for the opportunity to jump on each other and have wild and crazy sex. Don’t you wish you were back in college, experiencing these kinds of fun days and nights? Click here to visit the college rools premium website and you will be able to experience things just like you were back in college!

College Truth or Dare Pic Captures It All

truth or dare pic
Well, it’s that time of the week again. You know, the one where I spend a bunch of time writing to you sharing all the wild college experiences that have been caught on video. This one is for certain one of the times that I can say that I love my job and a picture says a thousand words. One college student at a huge University in the midwest submitted this truth or dare pic to me before mailing the full video. I paid the student and immediately following, received the video to view. I don’t know about you but this tells me a lot about what goes on at this college. To simply describe it, I’d have to say  threesome sex. As you can see, it seems to be customary for hot skinny brunette to ride cock while blondes get their pussy licked. Oh, but that’s not where it stops. An audience was present and all these girls looked like they had a blast making the video. College rules dares are so fucking fun and this just proves how crazy students can be and why college dorm life is insane!  If you want to view the entire video – click here!

college rools

College House Party Turns Into Fuck Fest

I recently launched another one of my famous videos, but this one turned out to be something really special. It was filmed at a college house party and you won’t believe what happens when I share it with you. If you’ve ever attended a party, you know that things can sometimes get out of hand right? Of course, they can. I mean it can get really wild with the potential of turning into a fuck fest even!

college house party sex

There were a ton of students partying in a local students house while their parents were away. It was something out of the movie Neighbors if you’ve ever seen it. There was this one girl that really went above and beyond though making it a college party I’ll never forget. She decided to get completely naked and make a sex video. She was a beautiful brunette with the tastiest pussy I’ve ever tasted that was beyond tight! In fact, it might even be the best college roolz video that I’ve ever seen.

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College Girl Shakes Ass and Gets Fucked

College girls are absolutely crazy, especially if they have a chance to make some money. If you’re not familiar with collegerools, what we do is pay girls money to do seriously wild stuff. Students submite videos that get tend to get them some serious cash and we’ve received a number of submissions. Anything thing from college girls mooning to sorority party dares to college dorm orgies. There’s no limit when it comes to college rools!

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In this video, we ended up getting a couple college girls together to put together an ass shaking video content. They were completely naked and shaking their booty all over the dorm. Once you see these college girls twerking and shaking, you’ll want more. That’s why we ended up getting one of the blonde girls to fuck this guy on video. Now, if you’re still not convinced, then I’d suggest reading my full review on this site. There’s a good chance that once you do you will likely want to join immediately.